Persil released two full length albums: Comfort Noise (2006) and Duotone (2004). Two 4-track EP’s (Tune-Up and Snapcracklepop) and a few singles and compilation contributions were released through the years. It’s quite likely there will be more music in 2024.

Comfort Noise (Album, 2006)

Light Up My Life * Vox * Feet * Make-do and Mend * Arkadelphia * Alice Austen * More Special Days * Hipper * Breaking the Wavs * PS * Don’t You Worry * Dance to This!

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Duotone (Album, 2004)

(In) * Fuzzy Monday * Mum * Music * Snakes & Ladders * New Zong * Traces of Knots (duet version, with Damon Tutunjian of Swirlies) * Agony Aunt * Red Letter Day * Quicksand * Balloon Man * Hair! * June * Table Tennis Superstar * (Out)

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Tune-Up (EP)

Happy * She Cuts a Dash * Mellow * Sofa Adventures

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Snapcracklepop (EP)

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Isla De Encanta (Single, pixies cover)

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Persil / Zea (split 7")
(January (NL) / March (UK) 2003, Transformed Dreams)

Persil – Mum
Zea – Counting Backwards Leads to Explosions


Agony Aunt / Dear John
(December 1999, Shifty Disco)

Persil’s debut single
Agony Aunt is also available on Duotone, in a special duet version with Damon Tutunjian from Swirlies.


In the City 2004 Unsigned promo
Tracks from a number of bands giving a showcase at the Unsigned part of Manchester’s In The City festival.

Popronde 2004 promo
Free cd with a number of Dutch bands taking part in the travelling Popronde festival.

Amsterdam Calling @ SXSW 2004 promo
Tracks from the Dutch bands playing at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

30 minutes on the world map
All songs & sounds on this have been made/recorded in less than thirty minutes.

0-60 in five years
A five cd box set celebrating the five years of the Shifty Disco Singles Club. Contains the lead track from all 60 singles released.

Hometaping is illegal (and it’s killing music)
A compilation with Dutch bands such as Merry Pierce, King Me, Pfaff and Zoppo

Devil in the Woods sampler
A compilation with Dutch bands such as Merry Pierce, King Me, Pfaff and ZoppGrandaddy * Persil * Beachwood Sparkso

Do Not Eat! Throw Away!
A compilation with Dutch bands such as Club Diana, Pfaff and John Wayne Shot Me

It’s a Shifty Disco Thing Vol. 3
The 12 lead tracks from the 1999 Shifty Disco Singles Club. With ao Beulah, Frigid Vinegar, Manatee and Murry the Hump

Death to the Pixies – We’re better
12 Pixies covers by Dutch bands such as Seedling, Telefunk, Zea and the fabulous Ed. Featuring our cover of Isla De Encanta