There might be a new PERSIL release. Hold your breath! 🙂
Persil EP Snapcracklepop with The Wedding Present cover “Kennedy” is now also available on the big streaming channels.
Also the Pixies cover song “Isla De Encanta”, that basically started Persil, and got us our very first performance on the main stage of Paradiso, is now available. Check the “sounds” page.

(October 2023)

No new music, but some stories for two books featuring The Wedding Present. We put some sweet memories about supporting The Wedding Present on tour, and about covering “Kennedy” in writing for the books by Richard Houghton. “All The Songs Sound The Same” with our contribution is available here.
(Or on amazon) Sometimes These Words Just Don’t Have To Be Said” is another title with Persil contribution, available om Amazon (and perhaps somewhere else too….)

Scroll down this page to read the Persil contributions.

(April 2018)

It’s been a while since last release, but you can check out our music on:

buy it on bandcamp! stream on spotify! or Itunes!

(July 2010)

We will be playing at the At the Edge of the Sea Festival in Brighton (UK) on August 28th, 2010. Also playing are The Wedding Present, Cinerama, The Ukrainians, Terry de Castro, Darren Hayman, Klee, Sharks, The Half Sisters and Rose Leaf Miner.

(April 2010)

You can hear "Arm Wrestling", one of our new songs, in Peter Nelson’s podcast. It starts at about 37 minutes into the show (although we hope you will listen to the whole podcast). Enjoy!

(January 2010)

A session we recorded for Peter Nelson’s show two years ago is now up for download, including a cover version of The Fall’s "Life Just Bounces".

And don’t forget to listen to Peter Nelson’s more recent radio shows as well. 
…links expired…

(December 2009)

We have written and recorded our first ever Christmas song. It’s called Dear Santa and has just been released on the Cherryade X-mas compilation cd. Click here to order A Very Cherry Christmas volume 5.

Click here for a quick listen. Please be careful when you buy from iTunes, as they have mixed up the tracks on the comp and the one labeled "Persil" isn’t actually ours.

You can also hear the track on Rachael Neiman’s Christmas show for Dandelion Radio at (Click here for the broadcasting schedule.)

A festive video for Dear Santa will follow shortly! 

(May 2009)

We have a video for a song called "Field Trip" and you can see it (youtubed) here:


Make sure you press the HQ button after starting the video, you’ll be rewarded with much better sound and image (if your connection permits).

That same web page also contains a link to download the song, so yes, go ahead and download it! And please do not hesitate to send the link to neighbours and friends!

(April 2009)

Well the tryout went pretty smooth, next gig is @ occii amsterdam, may 4. That gig is not private, in fact you’re very welcome, and we’ll play new tunes!!

More 2009 gigs t.b.a.! + We’re ready for offers :-). mail us!

(February 2009)

We’ll be back on stage in march 2009, trying out some new stuff! This will be a private gig, for… err… duckheads. All we can say. We like ducks, so should be good.

(September 2008)

It’s been a while, we know! We’re not asleep though. There’s proof in a track on the new album from our Scottish friends Cruiser. We fiddled a bit with basslines and vocals in a song called "You + Me + Ever", but boy, there are lots of brrrilliant songs on that disc. The album’s called "Happy Robots : Smiling People" and it is available from .coms like KFMRECORDS.COM, PLAY.COM, HMV.COM, TOWER.COM, TESCO.COM,  ITUNES, NAPSTER etc! etc!

For more info on cruiser see

(February 2008)
This month:
Persil session in Peter Nelson’s show on Dandelion Radio.

Click here for the February schedule.

(January 2008)

Happy new year everybody!

We recently recorded a session for Peter Nelson’s show on Womb radio. It consists of four songs including a very special cover track.
The session will be broadcast on January 15 and will be online for a while after. Click here to listen. 

(September 2007)

Get ready for two John Peel Days at Occii, Amsterdam.
With Lianne Hall (UK), The Lovely Eggs (UK), The Bent Moustache (NL), Zea (NL), Two Dogs (NL), Hotplate (UK), Trouble vs Glue (IT) and Persil, plus DJ’s, records and fanzines.

.Peel 2007

(June 2007)

There are two Persil UK dates coming up in July, both not to be missed:

Friday 27 July, Buffalo Bar, London (with Bearsuit!)
Sunday 29 July, Indietracks Festival, Derbyshire

We hope to see you there!


(March 2007)

Cuckoo PressHey we’re back from our latest UK tour!
Thank you to everyone for everything..

Click here to read an interview with Newcastle-based Cuckoo Press magazine.

(January 2007)

The live session we recorded at Maida Vale, London for Huw Stephens’ BBC Radio 1 show was broadcast on Thursday January 18th and will be on line for the next week. It’s four songs, plus an encore in the show’s podcast (also on line for a week).

In the same show, which features Transformed Dreams as label of the week, are live sessions from our friends and labelmates Zea plus a live recording of Das Wanderlust‘s Eurosonic show. All the more reason to listen!

(January 2007)

Some of the finest, finest British bands are coming over to play with us at the Paradiso, Amsterdam on Monday 15 January.
There’s Das Wanderlust (fun pop), d_rradio (electronic soul) and Lianne Hall (acoustic).  It’s K-Tsjoem # 50, that’s why it is so festive! And it’s only 6 euro’s to get in, 5 euro’s with a flyer (+membership). Early start at 20.00 so don’t be late!

Other gigs in January:
Sat 13 Jan: dB’s, Utrecht (NL) (with Das Wanderlust, Mono, Sennen)
Sun 14 Jan: De Bliksem, Den Helder (NL) (with Das Wanderlust)
Tue 16 Jan: L’Escalier, Liège/Luik (Belgium) (with Das Wanderlust, Metro)
Sat 20 Jan: Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

(November 2006)

A video impression of the Hit the North Festival (28 October 2006 at Poppodium Romein, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands) is available here.

Starring/music by Le Tetsuo, Chips For The Poor, Persil, Look Look (Dancing Boys), Malorix, The Suicidal Birds, Two Dogs, Das Wanderlust, The Lovely Eggs & Zea.

(November 2006)

Beatle Number FiveA late but big, BIG thank you to everyone who came to see us and/or played with us and/or was nice to us during our October UK tour.

A tour diary with some pictures is here. (It’s all in Dutch, except for the pictures.)

We’ll be back in the UK in February when the new BBC session has been broadcast. We hope to see you then! 

(October 2006)

A brand-new Persil song called Living is Easy is available on an LP called Ammehoelahop.

The LP contains tracks by all the bands that play the Hit the North Festival in Holland on 28 October. The record will be presented during the festival and is available in Holland from 30 October. Release date for the UK is 4 December.

(September 2006)

Chips For The Poor – Das Wanderlust – Malorix – Persil – Zea – Le Tetsuo – Two Dogs – The Lovely Eggs – The Suicidal Birds – Look Look (Dancing Boys)

All at the Hit The North Festival on Sat. 28 October at Poppodium Romein,  Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

(September 2006)

(August 2006)

We hereby announce the availability of our recent album ‘Comfort Noise’ on i-Tunes (and other legal MP3 download sites). We acknowledge the convenience of downloading music but also regret that the artwork does not fit these downloads.

To work around this problem we’ve developed a special iPod version of the Comfort Noise wrapper. It will fit neatly around your iPod, to make the Comfort Noise experience more complete.

Click here to download the template.

Happy downloading!

(July 2006)

Is This Music?The current issue of Is This Music? (an independent music magazine from Scotland) has a full-page interview with Persil in it. We talk about touring, bass players, the new album and lots of other interesting things. Go buy it!

Our gigs for this summer:
23 July – Truck Festival, Oxfordshire, UK
5 August – Munkyfest Festival, Cheshire, UK
26 August – Uitmarkt @ Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL

With many more dates to follow after the summer.
Hoping to see you somewhere soon!

(June 2006)

Our new album Comfort Noise was released in Holland on May 15. Click here to read the first reviews.

We also gave a song-by-song explanation of the album to Click here to read it (in Dutch).

(May 2006)

Photo by Stuart McHughYou can watch the live video of ‘Light up my Life’, the first track on our new album Comfort Noise.
The video was shot in Lancaster, Dunfermline, Birmingham and Aberdeen on our last UK tour in April/May.

See the video here.

(May 2006)

Comfort NoiseOur new album Comfort Noise is in the shops in Holland now! (UK release date: June 19)

Curious to find out what the new songs sound like? Click here to download ‘Light Up My Life’ or listen to some tracks on our sounds page.

(May 2006)

We are back from the UK. We planned to do 16 gigs in 17 days, we ended up doing 17 gigs in 17 days. What better way to spend a day off than by doing a gig.. And it was sunny too!

A big, big thank you to everyone who helped us organize things, played with us, came to see us, let us sleep on their couches, cooked for us and/or made us delicious sandwiches.

We’ll be back in the UK real soon!

(May 2006)

Big news! Our second album ‘Comfort Noise’ will be released on 15 May (NL) / 19 June (UK).

Click here to download ‘Light Up My Life’.

We’re celebrating the release of our new album with a gig at Amsterdam’s Paradiso on Wednesday 17 May (midnight show), right after our UK tour.  We hope to see you all somewhere soon!

(March 2006)

UK 2005
We will be back in the UK from 26 April – 12 May. Do you want to hear what the new album sounds like? Come see us play!

All UK dates are now on the gigs page .

More news about the upcoming album will be here *soon*.

(January 2006)

Crotch shotBBC Radio 1’s One World  visited the Transformed Dreams night at the Eurosonic Festival. The Eurosonic special was broadcast on Monday 30 Jan.

You can listen to the show, with tracks by Persil, Zoppo, The Suicidal Birds and Zea (and a short Persil interview in which we sound rather silly) on the BBC Radio 1 website until Feb 5th.

(January 2006)

Paradiso January 2006Happy new year everybody! And thank you everyone who attended the Transformed Dreams label nights in Amsterdam and Groningen, a great start of the new year!

If you’re interested in a Persil ringtone, visit The Ringtone Society.

We’re on MySpace too:

(December 2005)
January 2006There is a new Persil interview on (in Dutch).

Dutch dates for early 2006:
5 Jan – Paradiso, Amsterdam
13 Jan –Eurosonic Festival @ De Walrus, Groningen

Both Dutch dates are Transformed Dreams label nights, where we’ll be playing together  with Zea, The Suicidal Birds and Zoppo.

Come see us to hear a whole lot of new songs from the upcoming album. 

(November 2005)

We’re off to the UK again. Dates:

11 Nov – Feedback  @ Korners Bar, The Farmers Arms, Lancaster
(with The Chemistry Experiment and Das Wanderlust)
12 Nov – Secret gig, Aberdeen (with Motormark)
13 Nov – Harlem, Kirkcaldy
14 Nov – The Captains Rest, Glasgow (with The Retrosexuals)
15 Nov – Ponce @ Bar Vida, Derby (with Death of Artists) 

(October 2005)

Oct 13th: John Peel Day
We’ll be playing at Occii, Amsterdam, together with Bong-Ra, Zea, Uw Hond, and dj Marcelle van Hoof.

In November we’ll bring a short visit to the UK. Dates will appear on the gigs page.


(July 2005)

Persil at Bailrigg FMThree tracks of our March session for Lancaster’s Bailrigg FM are now on line from their website.  

Download them from

(June 2005)

On our recent UK trip we were invited to record a session for Lancaster’s Bailrigg FM. We were feeling rather unwell at the time, but were still able to put down 4 tracks, which were broadcast on The Rachael Neiman Experience on May 24th. Thanks again to Rachael and all the other lovely people at Bailrigg FM for inviting us!

One of the songs we recorded was a brand-new track called Arkadelphia. Click here to listen (MP3).

(June 2005)
We’ve been working hard on our new album and it’s all going really well. This month we’ll be trying out a few more new songs live, so if you’re in Holland come see us!

11 June in Occii, Amsterdam (NL)
25 June in Popcentrale, Dordrecht (NL) with About and Sickboy

We’ve got new shirts!! Hand made & screen printed. Built to last. Available in several sizes & colors. Available at gigs or send us an email for details.

(April 2005)

new ep: tune-upOur new Tune-up ep will be available in shops in the UK and the Netherlands this month.

Dutch release date 18 April, UK release date 25 April. The ep is also available in the Transformed Dreams webshop.

You can listen to samples of the four Tune-Up songs on the sounds-page, or read some reviews on the reviews page.

(March 2005)

Click here to read our tour diary (in Dutch) on the VPRO 3voor12 website.

(March 2005)

Persil in The cavern, Liverpool. Photo by SkifWe are back from the UK and had the time of our lives! (despite getting sick) A big thank you plus hugs and kisses to The Wedding Present and Melys for being so kind to let us support them on so many dates!

We will be supporting The Wedding Present on two Dutch dates as well:
2 April in Rotown, Rotterdam
3 April in Vera, Groningen

Thank you Feedback in Lancaster for giving us the opportunity to headline a show ourselves. Thank you Skif & Jenny, Fraser, Dave, Huw, Secession Books, Aleksy, Coed-y-Celyn Hall, Bernie, Gareth and Will for your hospitality. And finally, thanks to all the bands that played with us and everybody who came to see our shows.

(February 2005)

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks.. Not only have we rehearsed our bums off for the upcoming three week UK tour (nine dates with the Wedding Present as a three-piece band, then six or seven (most with Melys) as a duo), but we’ve also finished a new EP. It’s called ‘Tune-up’ and it’s got four guitarry poptunes on it: ‘Happy’, ‘She Cuts a Dash’, ‘Mellow’ and ‘Sofa Adventures’. The official release dates for the ep are 18 April (NL) and 25 April (UK). If you cannot wait that long come get it at one of our shows!

(February 2005)
persil and filming gedgeIf any of you are wondering what Persil HQ is like (but why would you?), get your hands on the DVD version of the Wedding Present’s new single ‘I’m from further north than you’. Track 3, ‘Perfect Blue’, is an acoustic version David Gedge & Simon Cleave played at the Transformed Dreams label night in Paradiso in February 2004 (which was also our cd release party!). These images (shot by us!) are intertwined with fragments of headquarter places like the bathroom and the kitchen. Interesting huh?

(January 2005)

Happy new year everyone! We’re off to a great start as we have been invited to join The Wedding Present on the first part of their 2005 UK tour. From 20-28 February we’ll play Liverpool, Manchester, Colchester, Portsmouth, Brighton, Oxford, Sheffield, Bristol and Birmingham. See the gigs page for more info.

Click here
to listen to the full MP3 version of our cover of The Wedding Present’s ‘Kennedy’ (as released on the 2002 Shifty Disco/Star Harbour ep ‘Snapcracklepop’).persil with instant melys shirt

We’ve also been asked to accompany
Melys on some dates in England and Wales in March! (See the gigs page.)

e’re kicking off the new gigging season on February 7 in Paradiso, Amsterdam on the Transformed Dreams/k-Tsjoem night, where we’ll play together with Melys and John Wayne Shot Me.

JOHN PEEL 1939- 2004
(November 2004)
persil and john peelAs you all know John Peel died  last month. We feel very lucky that we finally got our chance to meet him in September. Thank you John for all your support and your brilliant radio shows.
(October 2004)

For the second time this year we’re travelling to the US. Details are on the gigs page. We’re a little sad to miss the Bearsuit gig in Amsterdam on Oct 13th though.

The UK tour diary is now online @ (in Dutch). 

(September 2004)

We’re back from the UK and it was goood! A big thumbs up to everybody who came to our gigs (especially the guy who travelled 4 hours from Leeds to Glasgow to see us!) and to Is This Music? magazine for putting balloons on stage at the mad Dunfermline gig.
Thumbs down to the person who stole all Stu’s money while he was in a hostel shower and to the concrete pillar that hit our car.

This time we finally met John Peel. A tour diary should be on line soon (in Dutch). Like last time, photographer stillben came to see us, his Norwich pics are here.

After the tour we came home to give ourselves a good scrub and then flew right back to Manchester for a showcase at the In The City festival. Thank you everybody who came to that gig too, and  no thanks to the EasyJet people who ruined our drum machine. 

(August 2004)
persil in bathWe had such a wonderful time in May that we started planning another UK tour straightaway! The new tour will also bring us to Scotland, for four dates. See the gigs page for more info.

These UK dates will be the first gigs with our new bass player George, as Kasper left the band this summer to focus on his own projects.

Right after the UK tour we’ll play in Nijmegen. Then we’ll rush back to the UK to play a showcase at the In The City Music Conference in Manchester on Sept. 18th.  

(June / July 2004)
persil and blondie.. Picture This... Debbie & DavidWe gave Debbie our cd & took a picture when we met her in New York in April and now we will support BLONDIE on stage on 29 June in 013, Tilburg! (their only gig in the Netherlands) Hopefully we’ll get a chance to take a better picture than the one we made then!

Update: We did  take a better picture..!

(May 2004)

persil In OxfordThanks to all the nice people who came to see us in the UK! We had a wonderful time, even got sunburnt. Even more thanks to the people who let us stay in their homes. And  to Zea, who played with us on five nights.

A tour diary is available at (in Dutch). Pics of the Leamington Spa & Oxford shows are at  And there’s a review with some pics of the Purr night @ Bath here. (Yes, the keyboard stopped working. But  it worked fine the next few nights. Strange these things..) We are planning to return to the UK in September. Yes we will!

persil bbc peel sessionOur third BBC Radio 1 Peel session will be broadcast on Tuesday 11 May, right before the start of our UK tour with Zea. The tour begins on Saturday 15 May in London’s Buffalo Bar and will take us to places such as Leamington Spa, Oxford, London (again), Bath and Hull. And we’ll be back in september! See the gigs page for more info.

Uhh.. clamp!The new Peel session was recorded on 15 April. We had a great day, despite the City of Westminster’s attempt to ruin it by giving our car a wheelclamp. Zea‘s Arnold came with us to play guitar and we recorded a Status Quo cover…

(April 2004)
With Damon, on Freezepop stairs, patriotic beer & Asbury Park casino
We spent the last 3 weeks in the USA and had a great time. Thanks to everyone who let us stay in their house, came to our show and/or played with us! And a big hug for Freezepop and all Swirlies.

We kept a US tour diary for the VPRO 3voor12 website (in Dutch). We also found some photos of the Washington DC show (with Marumari, EBSK and Greg Davis).

(March 2004)

Our new album Duotone is available in good record shops in the Netherlands and the UK (also at Kim’s, 6 St. Mark’s Place, New York City) .

We are touring the USA from March 20th (starting at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas) until April 5th. Follow the US tour diary on VPRO’s 3voor12 website (in Dutch).

A UK tour with Zea will follow in May (dates will be posted on the gigs page when they are confirmed).

(February 2004)

Persil Birthday PieThe first Duotone reviews are in. Read them here.

Catch up with John Peel’s shows on BBC Radio 1.

Listen to the full Duotone album @ VPRO’s luisterpaal (February only).

Is Persil the next big thing? Find out @ (in Dutch).

(February 2004)
persil...The Duotone album will be presented in Paradiso, Amsterdam on February 10th. With very special guests: David Gedge & Simon Cleave from Cinerama/The Wedding Present (doing a short acoustic set) AND Melys.  Plus Cyozlab.
Read the interview on (in Dutch) 
(January 2004)

persil DuotoneThis is what the Duotone album looks like! Release dates: February 9th in the Netherlands, March 2nd in the UK. On Transformed Dreams. Dutch release party on February 10th in Amsterdam’s Paradiso.

The album contains 13.5 songs:
(in) * Fuzzy Monday * Mum * Music * Snakes & Ladders * New Zong * Traces of Knots * Agony Aunt * Red Letter Day * Quicksand * Balloon Man * Hair! * June * Table Tennis Superstar * (out) 

Some of these songs were released before but all tracks have been re-recorded for the album. Traces of Knots is a duet with Damon of the Swirlies.

Persil have been fans and following TWP since their early days. So for us it was quite natural to try our own version of one of their most poppy bouncy songs, Kennedy. Gedge must have heard our rather primitive version on the Peel show, and apparently he liked it as some day we received an email if we’d like to support TWP on a part of their new UK tour. Nine gigs, many sold out, clearly this email was a prank from one of our friend bands?
At the risk of making fools out of ourselves we replied and, lo and behold, it was David Gedge, the real one.

For us it was an amazing experience to join them, and to see so many dedicated fans showing up at the gigs. They had quite a few diehard ones, that even we recognised after a few evenings. And quite a few started enjoying our tunes as well. TWP always had a strong fan connection.

So, looking back at it, it makes sense why we often saw Gedge checking routes shortly before a gig. What’s the fastest way to the merch desk, straight through the venue or through a backstage path? Because surely and miraculously, after each gig, with the guitars still ringing with feedback and audience in awe, Gedge could be spotted at the merchandise stall before even the first visitor turned their back to the stage to get to the exit.

Which is a warm and direct way to be in touch with the audience, who in turn, of course, rewarded the band by buying tons or merch!

They are known for not doing encores and now you know why, Gedge is already at the merch desk!

Another warm memory is when David Gedge and Simon Cleave brightened up our album release party at Paradiso in Amsterdam. We were too nervous to remember much of that. The day after we drove some extra rounds through the center of Amsterdam so Gedge could make a nice panning shot from the car of the neon lights of the Cinerama cinema, now long gone.

As half of the band Persil I would say: my favorite Wedding Present song is Kennedy.

Already early in the Persil band times we wanted to play some covers, and as the Wedding Present was one of our favorite bands, it made sense to select a song from their repertoire and twist it a bit! Kennedy, with the strong guitar energy, seemed perfect for a Persil makeover.

Except there is no way I could play guitar as speedy as that, so that had to be left out. Also, no way to play bass as pumping as that, and we didn’t have a bass guitar, so it had to change too. But to make a cover song sound the same as the original makes little sense anyway, so we cherished the changes!

The bass was transformed to a basic synth line, drums replaced by some electronic noises. We aimed to keep but transform the energy, and obviously Persil vocals would become female.

To our delight Gedge got to hear it through John Peel’s show and were asked to join as support on a tour. We thought it would be a nice service to fans (or: a smart marketing move) to have some Kennedy CD-R’s (yes, it’s a while back) as a give away for fans buying our albums after the gigs. Buy an album, get a Weddo cover CD-R for free!

Sales sky rocketed way beyond expectations and we saw our big pile of home-burned disks shrink to zero around half way the 9 gig UK tour.

Either we played less good the later gigs, or it was indeed the attraction of the Kennedy-freebie…, but once this special offer came to the early end, sales became, let’s say, a bit tame… It now seemed the Wedding Present fans saw a better investment in another WP t-shirt purchase than a Persil album.

Still, despite regrets of not making more CD-R copies, Kennedy somehow made our tour, and there’s a lot of great memories from it.

We still hope Gedge doesn’t send us an invoice for royalties.