Drowned in Sound - April 2002
'Snapcracklepop' is all about with twee keyboards, some weird electronic noises (bleep!) and painfully sweet girl vocals. 'June' comes across like the Lush / Ladytron collision the world's been waiting for. 'Traces Of Knots' shows yet again that no one really needs an overly complicated drum machine (boom!crash!) and that synthie strings can be cool. 'Hooks And Loops' comes with retro-keyboards galore and spacey vocals, which makes the track a very arty space odysee indeed. 'Kennedy', another synth-ridden affair, appears to be about apple pies. Great stuff.

Splendid - June 2002
A very sensuous singer (...) most notably separates Persil from the standard synth-heavy pop band. You listen to "June", and visualize her swaying on the beach as her husband (...) stays behind, setting up a volleyball net with his guitars. "Traces of Knots" is not a summer song, so it ups the edginess and shows a punkier side of the group. Buzzsaw guitar crashes into the sparkling pop, yet the music retains its beauty, and shows how to be both loud and beautiful. (...) Persil's album-closing cover of the Wedding Present's "Kennedy" (...) shines so brightly that you'll wish these warmhearted David Gedge fans had millions of their own. Snapcracklepop is well worth tracking down.

Organ zine - March 2002
More alluringly brilliant off beat synth pop, Amsterdam's Persil never ever fail to thrill with their sharp-as-a-new-pin songs and their lush glittery sparkly bright sideswipes. Think Bis fused with Pet Shop Boys and Saint Etienne in the very very very best way. Four new tracks, three of their brightest moments yet, very very fine pop music, the fourth a rather intriguing version of The Wedding Present's "Kennedy". Excellent, lots lots more please.

Pop it - April 2002


LiveXS - May 2002
De elektronische gitaarpop van Persil is zonder uitzondering aanstekelijk. (...) Volgens sommigen is de groep zelfs meer Blondie dan Blondie zelf. Dat is een groot compliment, dat Persil op grond van deze ep zeker verdient. (...) Prettig eigenwijs.

Fret - May 2002
Snapcracklepop? Wie de lekker hapklare liedjes van Persil hoort, begrijpt wat er bedoeld wordt. Dit mag toch niet veel langer één van Nederlands best bewaarde geheimen blijven? Of nemen we er genoegen mee dat ze in Engeland onze krenten uit de pap weten te halen? Fret hoopt van niet!

Het Parool - March 2002
De nieuwe Persil-ep Snapcracklepop, met meer erg leuke synthesizerpop.

Leidsekade Live! - February 2002
Marc Stakenburg: 'Een bijzonder geluid... Ik vind het een bijzonder bandje.'