Agony Aunt is catchy upbeat girl guitar that sounds more like Blondie than Blondie do now they've jacked in the substances.

John Peel
'And what a great tune that is!'

Time Out - Feb 2000
Unmissable are headliners Persil (...) whose December '99 single Agony Aunt was a burst of alluringly offbeat, synth-assisted brilliance - more please!

The Fly
Persil are from Amsterdam and sound like Shampoo playing Stereolab in Nico's kitchen.

Strangely wonderful in its own truly awful way. Well done...

Steve Lamacqin Melody Maker
A group you'd hope will do well.

Record Collector
Off-kilter but utterly charming female vocals.

Scum Webzine
Imagine if Stereolab really decided to kick up some dust and rock out like a female Grandaddy. Yes it is that good.

Ah, silly noises jumping from speaker to speaker are always a good sign... Moving swiftly into throbbing, keyboard pop with insanely catchy melody and a voice that sets up camp in your skull and refuses to budge. Good stuff this and very much a 'proper' single.

Melody Maker
(Agony Aunt review by Cay)
'Basically, Pulp's Razzamatazz if Jarvis Cocker had a gruesomely unsuccesful sex change and replaced the rest of the band with electronic ducks.'