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 (December 2003)

We'll be playing at the SXSW festival in the USA (Austin, Texas) in March! We're trying to get some more gigs, if you know a nice venue that we can possibly  play in please contact us! We're also looking for places to sleep (in / between New York and Austin).

We made a new song called City Bites, written especially for the ArchiNed Christmas "city music" special. City Bites is about 40 seconds short.

We're currently finishing our new (and first) full length album Duotone. The album will be released in February (NL)/March (UK) 2004 on the Transformed Dreams label. You can expect about 13 songs, one of which will feature singer Damon Tutunjian of the Swirlies. More info and sound samples coming soon!

Check out the upcoming gigs on the gigs-page


(July 2003)

30 minutes...THIRTY MINUTES ON THE WORLD MAP compilation CD has just been released by Richmond County Archives (Swirlies related). All songs & sounds on this have been made/recorded in less than thirty minutes (hence the name..).

There's a Persil thing on it as well. During the recording of our contribution the virtual drummachine & sequencer got horribly out-of-sync, so the timing is... well.. 'loose', to say the least. Off. And 30 minutes to do it all is SHORT.

The CD is filled to the brim with no less than 38 recordings (74 mins). Truly amazing what people can record in such a short time. You can read all about TMOTWM and order from the Richmond County Archives


(January 2003)

The actual test pressing...!!

A 7" vinyl split single is released on the Transformed Dreams label. Release dates: January 27th (Benelux) / March 3rd (UK).

One side: Persil: Mum

Other side: Zea: Counting backwards leads to explosions

Reviews are here.

There will be some gigs as well (in Holland):
16 Feb - Haarlem, Patronaat (with Zea & Amp)
28 Feb - Castricum, Bakkerij (with Zea & About)
30 April - Apeldoorn, Gigant


(July 2002)

Persil's Snapcracklepop is travelling the world! So far we have found reviews by people from the UK, Holland, Germany, the United States, Brazil and even Japan!

Click here to read some international Snapcracklepop reviews


(May 2002) 

Persil's second Peel session was broadcast on Wednesday May 29th. Persil went over to the BBC studio's in London in March to record the following tracks: June, Traces of Knots (both on the new ep), Mum and Dear John.

John Peel: Well, what an agreeable noise they make!


(March 2002)it looks like this!
On March 25th 2002 Snapcracklepop, a Persil EP with four songs on it, was released in the UK on the Star Harbour label. The songs are called June, Traces of Knots, Hooks and Loops and Kennedy (a Wedding Present cover). Click the titles for MP3 samples. (Real Audio samples to be found on the Lyrics page.)

>> Click here to order the new EP! -- >> Read some reviews

Speak Dutch? Read the latest about Persil on the VPRO 3 voor 12 website or listen to the interview in VPRO's Dubbel Check (skip to 10 minutes into the show). 

**GIGS UK & NL**

(March 2002)
Vera make great posters!!!21 March: Cambridge (UK), Portland Arms
25 March: London (UK), Barfly
28 March: Oxford (UK), The Cellar

7 April: Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso -- Radio session for KRO's Leidsekade Live
9 April: Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso -- with Freezepop
13 April: Groningen (NL), Vera -- with Zany


Cheezy(October 2001)
New formula, new sound! Persil did a showcase, in a new 3-piece lineup, at the A2A Music Conference in Amsterdam in October 2001.


(May 2001)
Persil have made their first remix. It's part of the Howtoplays/Jack remix project and is fully built up from audio & lyric samples. Persil's contribution to the project is (..was?) available on (and while you're there, don't forget to take a look at the animation by Mumbleboy!) A number of remixes, including the one by Persil, were presented in Amsterdam's Paradiso on May 25th.


(May 2001)
Not our rabbit...Although the previous sampler was released less than a year ago, LVR has already produced its follow-up Hometaping is illegal (and it's killing music!). The new cd, with contributions from no less than 20 different Dutch bands, is in the shops now!



(November 2000)
DIW Mag Table Tennis Superstar was released with Devil in the Woods Magazine in the USA in November 2000, on a vinyl single with Grandaddy and Beachwood Sparks. The magazine contains an interview with Persil as well, in which David admits he loves talking about his undies and Martine tells you about Persil's Peel session.



(April 2000)
In the BIG peel studio, ton plays keys.BBC Radio 1 invited Persil to record a Peel Session in February 2000. The session was broadcast on April 12th and consisted of the following four tracks: Agony Aunt (recorded with a genuine Hammond organ instead of Persil's usual toy stuff), Snakes & Ladders, Happy and a very loud version of Thirty-three (to get rid of the synthpop image).

John Peel: Excellent stuff throughout!


(February 2000)
Well done, shifty disco!
In February 2000 the Shifty Disco tour took Persil to Nottingham, London and Oxford. Click here to see some nice pictures of the Oxford gig.

Or listen to Martine's story about the tour and Peel session on VPRO's Internet radio (in Dutch...) - skip to about 13 minutes into the show.

If you want to know all the details about the tour, you can read the *official* tour diary, which has some nice pictures in it, or view the diary on VPRO Radio's website (both in Dutch...)



(January 2000)First! 

Persil's debut single Agony Aunt was released in December 1999 on the Shifty Disco label. You can read some reviews. Or you can:

- See the video
- Go to Shifty Disco
- Buy the single



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